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Skip bins delivered to Newcastle and the Hunter
Family owned business established 20 years

Newcastle Skip Bin Hire

Our Service

Skip bins from 2m3 to 10m3, delivered to Newcastle & the Hunter 6 days a week.

Welcome! Newcastle Skip Hire are a family owned business that has been providing a friendly and professional skip bin hire service to Newcastle and the Hunter for 20 years.

We are proud of our low prices and professional service. If you see a cheaper price please call and we should be able to beat it.

There are lots of rules from the Government on skip bins, please check these below before ordering.

Call: 0455 888 978


  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 7 days bin hire is included
  • Generous weight allowance
  • 2 cubic metres to 10 cubic metre
  • Walk-in bins available
  • Best price guarantee
  • No credit card surcharge
  • No high pressure upsell
Newcastle Skip Hire

Hire a skip bin



Length : 1.8m
Width   : 1.5m
Height  : 0.9m

Pricing from $240



Length : 1.8m
Width : 1.5m
Height : 1.2m

Pricing from $280



Length : 2.4m
Width : 1.5m
Height : 0.9m

Pricing from $310



Length : 3.0m
Width : 1.5m
Height : 0.9m

Pricing from $400



Length : 3.7m
Width : 1.8m
Height : 1.2m

Pricing from $515



Length : 4.0m
Width : 1.8m
Height : 1.5m

Pricing from $795

Service area

Please dont get our drivers fined. Above the rim is the law:

Every so often we get a call from a fraught skip bin truck driver who can't pick up a because there is a mountain of waste in the skip bin. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about filling and sometimes I think this information has become an urban legend.

So first up let me explain why the skip bin truck drivers get upset?

First and foremost the Road Traffic authorities hold the individual truck drivers responsible for the safety of the loads they carry on their trucks. That means that if the load is unsafe it is the individual driver that gets fined and looses points off their license. And when they loose too many points off their drivers license not only does the truck driver loose his license but he also looses his job.

Would you ever want to be the cause of a road traffic accident or fatality? So neither does your truck driver and he knows if there is waste above the rim of one of his skip bins on the back of his truck he might kill someone because of his negligence. That would not help you sleep at night.

When the driver gets to the tip, landfill or transfer station he knows he is going to be charged by weight or volume for the material he is dropping off. In many states the cost of tipping is so high he just can not afford to empty over filled bins because his price was set for bins only filled to the rim. If the driver had priced the bin so you could over fill it you probably would have used someone else.

No one wants to pay drivers for taking rubbish out of a skip bin to make it safe so the chances are he will not be getting paid to fix this problem.

Being attacked verbally or harassed physically by anyone just because you want to do your job safely does not make the day a good one.

So we ask our customers to do one thing for us. Give the driver who picks up your skip bin the same respect that we all would like when we are doing our job.

Thank you

Newcastle Skip Hire

only fill to the rim

Reviews on

I have used Newcastle Skip Bin Hire on a number of occasions and always found them to be helpful, on time and good value. I highly recommend them for anybody needing a skip bin. Keep up the great work. Cheers and thanks again.

-Peter Simpson

We have had 2 skip bins with Newcastle Skip Hire they have always been on time, great pricing and the team are amazing to deal with. I would strongly recommend to anyone. I know well will be definitely be using them again

-Leigh Jekinson

It was great to deal with Matt and the team. Nothing was a problem. Delivery was prompt as was pickup. Prices are the best in town. After trying most of the competition I would never go anywhere else. Thanks again Matt.

-Lutz Backhausen